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It is really important that children read regularly at home. Every day if possible. Please encourage your child to talk about what they are reading and complete a reading journal activity every week.


Please help your child to learn their number bonds, and times-tables and to practise their spellings.

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Dartmoor Zoo

Beech class braved the crisp Devon air on a fantastic trip to Dartmoor Zoo in the last week of the Autumn term. They bundled up in their warmest smiles and curiosity, ready for a day of animal encounters and exciting discoveries. Our Zoo guide brimming with knowledge, led us on a journey through diverse ecosystems. We learned about the intricate relationships between animals and their environments, the delicate balance of nature, and the importance of conservation.

The guide then also shared some of the animal furs and skins that they had collected over the years. Fun at the Zoo: A Sensational Safar We learn

We learned about how a cheetah's fur is spotted for camouflage, how a polar bear's fur keeps it warm in icy waters, and how an owl's feathers help it fly silently through the night. Every touch sparked a million questions. Why do some animals have scales? How do birds stay so light? What does a snake feel like? Our guide had pockets full of animal facts and answered every question with a smile. This wasn't just about touching and learning, though. It was about feeling a connection to the animal kingdom, understanding how each creature is specially adapted to its environment, and realising the importance of protecting these amazing animals.

A Trip Through Time: Exploring Plymouth's Past at The Box!

Beech class also had an exciting adventure at The Box, Plymouth's award-winning museum, art gallery, and archive! Our journey began with a truly immersive experience – a 3D simulation that showcased how Plymouth has transformed throughout history. It was incredible to see the city develop and change right before our eyes!

Following this captivating introduction, we embarked on a thrilling exploration of the museum's diverse collections. We dived deep into different eras, delving into artefacts and exhibits that brought the past to life. This time travel adventure allowed us to not only learn about Plymouth's rich history but also to discover the vibrant creativity that has always flourished in the city and beyond.

To delve even deeper into a specific period, we participated in a captivating workshop focusing on World War II and the Blitz in Plymouth. This interactive session brought history to life through fascinating artefacts. We weren't just looking at objects – we were actively matching them to "people fact files," helping us connect the artefacts to real individuals who lived and worked through that harrowing period.

Our trip to The Box was a truly enriching experience that ignited the students' curiosity about the past and the remarkable city we live close to. It was a fantastic way to combine learning and fun, and we can't wait to share what we discovered in class!

A busy day at the Synagogue

Beech class embarked on a fascinating journey to our local synagogue! We were warmly welcomed and learned all about the important roles that make this special place function.

The synagogue isn't just a place of learning, it's a vibrant community hub! The children were captivated as they discovered the different people who work there.

Some of our budding actors even got to step into these roles themselves! We had a Rabbi leading a service, a Cantor singing beautiful melodies, and a friendly Synagogue Administrator showing us around.

The children were bombarded with interesting facts – from the special clothing worn to the different parts of the synagogue building. They even got to see some holy scrolls up close!

It was a truly enriching experience that sparked the children's curiosity about Judaism and the important role synagogues play in communities.