School History

A very brief history of Meavy Primary School

The first National School was built on the site of the present parish hall in 1837; although designed for 78 children it held just 50 in the first year. 

There was already a school at Walkhampton, founded by Lady Modiford, and a small Dame School in Sheepstor set up to provide some sort of education for that village’s working-class children before they became old enough to start work.

In 1841 the School Sites Act meant that the school in Meavy was given more importance and by 1906 it was associated with the National Society which meant cheap text books and even building grants. In 1923 the school at Sheepstor closed which meant that a new school was needed in Meavy for the children from both villages. Meavy School on its present site on land given by Sir Henry Lopes was opened in 1926 with 47 children on the roll, the first official school day being 11th January.

The following verses are from a poem by E. M. Bowden.

In the year of 1921,
The Meavy folks decided
To hold a Fete to raise some funds,
For a Parish Hall was needed.

The V.D.S. had just been formed
So the Players got together,
And performed a play in the Millers field,
The “Crock of Gold” was to be the yield.

With Stalls and Play and merryment,
It was a great success,
And many a pound was raised that day
To put within the chest.

And then in 1922
The news had got around
That the Village School was out of date,
And a new one must be found.

So the Meavy folks did drop their dream,
Of a brand new Parish Hall,
And helped to build a nice new school
For the benefit of all.