Collective Worship

Our Christian school vision and values are the foundations of our Collective Worship and Christian ethos across the school. 

Collective Worship is invitational and inclusive allowing people to contribute in a way that meets their own spiritual needs. When we pray, we invite those gathered to make our prayer theirs by saying Amen at the end if they wish to. 

Worship involves the children having time to learn about, reflect and discuss texts from the Bible, considering themselves, their communities and the wider world; reflecting our relational approach to spirituality.  

Events in the church calendar are included and there is always the opportunity for us to pause and think, to ask big questions which we may or not be able to be answer.

Collective Worship is led by our local clergy on a weekly basis enabling spiritual growth; their worship is planned to build upon our school vision and the value for the half term alongside events in the church calendar. 

An Open the Book Team and Tavistock Methodist Church lead CW regularly during the year.

Children are regularly invited to contribute to Collective Worship; including responding and reflecting, reading, acting, thinking of and sharing prayers. All children's reflections are valued and received with respect. Children of all ages are eager to take part.

Children through ABC (Acting out the Bible Club) plan and lead Collective Worship regularly during the year. The Ethos Committee have started to plan and lead CW. 

Each week the children explore Picture New which is a resource that relates to real life inspirational topics which encourage the children to engage and discuss. The week's topic is shared with parents via our newsletter so that families can follow up any discussions at home. 

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