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What does it mean to be spiritual?

The origin of the word spiritual is the Latin word spiritus meaning breath.

Breathing is an essential element of human life. In its simplest form spirituality has something to do with an essence of living.

In line with St Christopher's Trust's definition of spirituality, at Meavy we are taking a relational awareness approach to the development of spirituality.

Awareness of my relationship with:

  • Myself, personal identity

  • Others

  • The world and beauty

  • The beyond, transcendence, God

Relational awareness means making connections, drawing comparisons, putting myself in others’ shoes, using emotional intelligence, reflecting on my place in the world.

Relationship with myself

I reflect upon and express my feelings and views

I celebrate how I am unique.

I am thankful for everything we have.

Relationship with others

I celebrate how we are all different.

I respect our differences.

I  love others and know that I am loved.

Relationship with the world

I celebrate the beauty of the world.

I make a difference.

I take time to reflect upon what matters in our world.

Relationship with the beyond, transcendent and God

I ask, reflect upon and discuss 'Big Questions'.

I reflect or pray, giving me the opportunity to connect with God.

I have a sense of what lies beyond what we know.

One Minute Guide to the Development of Spirituality at Meavy