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Oak Y5 & Y6

Welcome to Oak Class – Year 5/6


In Oak Class we promote an ethos of wanting to achieve and developing an ownership over their learning.  We ensure your child reaches their full potential so they can move on to secondary school confident in their abilities, independent, responsible and ready for the next stage in their education.


On this page we have information about our curriculum, home learning, class letters and useful websites for both parents and children.


Summer Term 2023


Welcome back to the summer term!  This term Oak class will be learning about the Vikings (summer 1) and the Sunshine State - Florida (summer 2).  We will be exploring the following questions:


  • What did the Vikings want and how did Alfred stop them from getting it?
  • Beyond the Magic Kingdom - what is the Sunshine State really like?


Please click on the topic web below for more detail.

Curriculum Overview Summer Term 2023

Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 2022

We are scientists! Properties and Changes in Materials

How do you keep liquid the warmest for the longest amount of time?

In our science lessons, we have been learning about thermal insulators and thermal conductors.  Using our knowledge of thermal insulators, we were challenged to design and add materials to a beaker to keep it warm for the longest amount of time.  We created a whole range of designs using layers of materials which we thought would be the best insulators. 

Girls Football Tournament. All of the girls in Oak Class took part in a football tournament at Tavistock Football Club.

Read below to find out what Oak Class were learning last year 2021-2022

Autumn Term 2021 - Look below to explore our learning about World War 2 from the Autumn Term

Spotlight on Oak Class

Oak Class were EVACUATED!


On Thursday 21st October the children of Oak Class became evacuees.  They experienced life as a child during World War Two and were evacuated to Totnes on the South Devon Railway.  The children got into role as evacuees brilliantly and developed a good idea of how it must have felt to have been evacuated during the war.

School Motto

Joy, Respect, Wisdom, Love, Hope

Mission Statement

Learning to Love, Learning to Live Together

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